Theater and Improvisation

My Artistic Background

While pursuing a career in Science is my primary goal, I have in parallel studied several forms of artistic performance including guitar playing, singing, acting, writing and clowning. I believe that having an artistic means of expression has made me a better scientist, student, teacher, communicator and a well rounded human being. 

Science and art are two complementary ways humans have found to make sense of things around them. Even though they might seem distant from each other they both feed on research, creativity and passionate pursuit.

From 2004 till 2008 I studied Acting at a professional acting school in Uruguay. 

From 2008 till 2012 I studied Clown and Improvisation with world renowned teachers.

From 2014 on , I have been studying, performing and teaching Improvisational Theater in Berlin and Uruguay.

I have performed in : musical theater, dramatic plays, documentary re-enactments, countless improv shows.

I have written, directed and produced: sketch shows, songs, short films.


My Berlin Shows


In the Lab with Double XL

In the Lab was a show about improv forms that takes place @ the Comedy Cafe in Berlin, produced by Double XL ( duo composed by the amazing Trevor Silverstein and me)

This show is subtitled Experimental Improv Comedy. We are always looking into new ways of creating improvised theater.



GRILL TALK is my team for slow roasting, tangy, spicy improv. With the insanely talented real-life couple: Trevor Silverstein and Matilde Keizer. 

GRILL TALK is the first champion of the Offensive, Berlin's yearly improv tournament. Our insane improv has graced the stages of Berlin, Copenhagen and New York.


The Weird Show

The Weird Show is the first dedicated English Language Sketch Comedy show and group in Berlin. The show is a live fusion of sketch, video, sounds and feelings with the intention of making people laugh. The Weird Show has performed sold out shows at the Comedy Cafe Berlin and the IPAC | English Theater Berlin. 

I'm a founder, writer and performer for The Weird Show.