Personal Details 

Surname: Sanguinetti Scheck 

Names: Juan Ignacio 

Nationality: Uruguayan 

Birth place: Montevideo, Uruguay


 Very Brief Summary

  •  Bachelor in Biochemistry (Faculty of Sciences, UdelaR, Uruguay)
  •  Masters in Biology (Neuroscience) working on weakly electric fish (Faculty of Science, UdelaR, Uruguay)
  •  PhD candidate in Neurobiology of spatial navigation and play in rats. (Brecht Lab, Humboldt University of Berlin)
  •  Teaching assistant at the Transylvanian Experimental Neuroscience Summer School (TENSS) since 2016.
  •  Tenured Research Assistant (non PI) in the Faculty of Science, UdelaR, Uruguay
  •  Actor, improviser, singer and fly fishing and grilling enthusiast. 

Curriculum Vitae_ JI_Sanguinetti_English_August2019 (pdf)